Santa RUn
By Captain Wayne Snyder
December 25, 2019

******** Friday Dec.6, 2019 – Leave Station at 6:00**********
*Fort Smallwood Rd from the city line including Werner Rd
* Community of Tanyard Cove*
* Community of Green Acres*
* Community of Brockington*

********Saturday Dec 7, 2019 Leave station at 5:00*********...
* Community of Creekside Village*

******** Friday Dec.13, 2019 – Leave Station at 6:00**********
* Cancelled due to rain***

**********Saturday Dec. 14, 2019 – Leave Station at 5:00*********
Solley Rd including the following communities:
*Millhouse Dr*
*Community of Sandy Oaks*
*Community of Stone Haven*
*Community of Willow Tree*
* Community of Silver Sands
*Community of Lombardee Beach*

************Sunday Dec 15, 2019 Leave the station at 5:00****************
*The Pointe at Tanyard Springs*
*Community of Tanyard Springs*

**********Friday Dec 20, 2019– Leave Station at 6:00*********
*Community of Chestnut Hill Cove*
*Community of Carvel Beach*
*Community of Greenland Beach*

********Saturday Dec 21, 2019 – Leave Station at 5:00*********.
*Community of Clearwater Beach*
*Community of Orchard Beach*
*Community of Stoney Beach*